LiDARHub Tools

Several tools developed using the LiDARHub framework are available in this web site. These tools are developed using a free and open source software (FOSS) including Python, Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL), PostGIS, GeoDjango, etc. One of the biggest advantage of these tools is easy to use interface and ready to use portability since a web browser is used as the front-end visualization and query interface. All the complicated large LiDAR data handling and processing is invisible to end users, which makes it extremely user-friendly for novice LiDAR users.



Current LiDARHub Data Coverage

Currently, LiDARHub provides LiDAR data analysis tools over areas covered with red polygon in the right figure.


  • 2011 Indiana Statewide LiDAR Central Strip
  • 2012 Indiana Statewide LiDAR Eastern Strip
  • North Eartern part of Illinois State
  • Appalachian trail along Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina